Welcome to the 4htracker login.

Member Sign Up

1) Enter your name in the boxes – first then last

2) When entering an email make sure that it is an email that you use often so if you forget your password a temporary one can be sent to you right away.

3) Provide a username and a password. You may want to write them down in a safe place so that you can remember them.

4) Provide your club name, county, and birthdate.

Once you have created an account, we will verify that you are an active Colorado 4-H member before you will be able to log into the system.

5) Once you have completed the steps above the next time you will just need to login with your username and password.

6) Once you login you will see the following options:

– Dashboard
– Add a Project
– Add a Record
– Add an Animal
– Add Equipment/Supplies/Feed
– Add an Accomplishment/Activity
– Reports

These are all the options that you have. You must first click on Add a Project.

Add a Project

Add a Record

This is where you will put the name of your project. Examples: Beef, Sheep, Clothing, Model Rocketry, Foods, etc.

Then the numbers of years that you have been in the project. Example: 1, 3, 5 etc.

The last item is project type. What does this mean? It means is it a livestock, general/natural resources, family consumer science, horse or dog.

You will need to enter in all the projects that you are taking.

Refer to this list to help you determine where your project fits:

Livestock includes these projects: Beef, Sheep, Swine, Dairy Cows, Goats, Poultry, Rabbits,

General/Natural Resource includes these projects: Veterinary Science, Horseless Horse, Gardening, Weeds, Bicycle,
Computers, Electric, Model Rocketry, Small Engines, Robotics, Power of Wind, Entomology, Forestry, Outdoor Adventures,
Range Management, Sportfishing, Shooting Sports, Wildlife, Ceramics, Global Citizenship, Leadership, Leathercraft, Photography, Scrapbooking, Woodworking and Visual Arts.

Family Consumer Science includes these projects: Cake Decorating, Child Development, Clothing Construction, Artistic Clothing, Consumer Savvy, Financial Champions, Foods and Nutrition, Breads, Specialty Foods, Food Preservation, Heritage Arts, and Home Environment



So for example: Project Name: Breads, Years in Project: 2 Type of Project: Family Consumer Science

Always hit the submit button after each entry


This is where you put information on items that you purchased for your project, any items concerning health and if you have received any income through your project.

When you select purchase another window comes up and you will need to select either feed/material or animal.

If you are doing a non-animal project you will always select feed/material.

Once you select feed/material, this window comes open.

You will need to click on whether the purchase is feed or equipment/supplies.

Add Equipment/Supplies

There is a drop down box where you will be able to select the project (once you have added all your projects) for which the purchase was made.

Then you will enter the item and where you purchased it and value (price).  Example: Item: Clothing fabric; Paid to: Joann Fabrics; Value: $150

Then you are asked if this item will be inventoried. This is only for projects that are keeping inventory. Example: livestock, dog, horse and shooting sports.

If you select feed you will select the project, enter the item, paid to, then select which animal from the drop down box, total paid and amount of feed.



Again you will select the project that goes with the feed.

Enter the item and where you bought the feed.

Enter the total amount paid and the amount of feed.




This is where you can enter information concerning health.

Under the date there is a drop down box where you can select which project this information is about.

Then you can select if you would like to do a quick record or a full record.


Health Quick


A quick record is where you can select the animal and jot down some notes and weight.

Health Full


The full record is where you put information about the health issue, treated with, lot#/Exp. date. administered by and withdrawal time.



Again you will be able to select which project the income is coming from and then put down the item, income and income from.

Add a Animal

Add a Animal

If you are taking an animal project, this is where you will be entering your animals.

Above the name there will be a drop down list for you select which project this animal belongs to.

Then you will enter the name, current value, from who did you purchase it and the purchase price.




This is where you can record any activities related to your project.

Under the date there are three boxes to fill in:

Activity – what was it? – Examples: project meeting, club meeting, club tour, demonstration, judging contest, etc.

What I did – describe what you did- Example: participated in the meeting, gave a demonstration on “title”, helped make Mother’s Day Cards, etc.

Hours – how many hours was it? – 1 hour, 15 mins. etc.




This is where you can select a report for your project.

Just select the project from the drop down box.